Boegly + Grazia, Luc and Sergio, are architectural photographers. They both live in Paris. From their very first encounter in 2013, a friendship developed that would lead them to create the duo Boegly and Grazia in 2016, in addition to their individual activities. The duo is animated by the desire to capture, together, the masterpieces of European architecture, approaching them without preconceptions. They seek to push their own boundaries, to crossfertilise their working practices, and to give rise to different images. What Sergio likes the most about Luc is his irrefutable way of seeing things: “Luc always manages to encapsulate the essence of what he sees, reorganising and re-transcribing it into precise and explicit images, and he does this on any scale: from whole landscapes to the smallest of details”. What seduced Luc about Sergio is his ability to capture, in a single, essential image, both a human situation within architecture and the characteristics of the building being photographed.